Is Octopus Halal? Understanding Islamic Dietary Laws

The question of whether octopus is halal sparks interesting discussions within the Islamic community, reflecting the diverse interpretations of Islamic dietary laws. Rooted in the Quran and Hadith, these laws specify permissible (halal) and forbidden (haram) foods for Muslims. While the Quran explicitly allows the consumption of sea creatures, interpretations vary among Islamic scholars, especially regarding octopus.

The majority consensus among Sunni Muslims, following the Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali schools, views all sea life as halal, including octopus. However, the Hanafi school adopts a more conservative stance, typically allowing only fish, thus excluding octopus. This article aims to explore these differing perspectives, shedding light on the criteria that inform these views and how they influence Muslim dietary choices around the world.

What is an octopus?

An octopus is a marine creature known for its distinct features and remarkable intelligence. It belongs to the class Cephalopoda, which also includes squids, cuttlefish, and nautiluses. Octopuses are most notable for their eight arms, each lined with two rows of suction cups that they use for various purposes such as capturing prey, exploring their environment, and defending themselves.

These creatures have a soft, bulbous body, which allows them to squeeze through tight spaces, and most species have the ability to change color and texture to blend into their surroundings, making them masters of camouflage. Octopuses inhabit various parts of the ocean, from coral reefs to the deep sea, and have adapted to a wide range of environments

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Is Octopus Halal or Haram?

Octopus Recipe

Of all the marine life, octopus is among the most sought-after and uncommon varieties of halal seafood that are hard to get at your neighbourhood market. One of the rarest seafoods on earth, they live in the lowest depths of the sea, but that doesn’t imply it’s difficult to get them; in fact, people frequently utilize them in their favorite recipes. Octopus is considered one of the sumptuous, delicious, and nutritious types of halal food.

Why octopus is considered halal?

We can easily conclude that Allah has given us permission to ingest anything from the sea because it has been made permissible by reflecting on the Quranic passage Surah Al-Maidah 5:96. This includes octopuses and other animals, as well as plants like seaweed, as Allah has created everything that is edible from the sea suitable for human eating. While some Islamic scholars concur that whatever that comes from the sea is meant to be included in this Qur’anic passage, others do not.

Islamic law states that certain animals, like octopuses, do not have to be killed, unlike lambs and cows. Since octopuses have many legs and seem complicated, several people have questions about them. Nonetheless, since octopuses lack a central nervous system, eating them is safe. Since its nerve center is located in its head rather than other body parts, when it is slaughtered, it will never experience pain.

It is told that other than drowning or burning, this kind of animal can be killed without having to be slaughtered. Consuming octopus and other creatures that don’t need to be killed is considered halal.

Different Islamic Schools opinion

Diverse Islamic schools hold varying views toward octopuses. Some claim that because the Qur’an and Hadith says that octopus is edible, it is permissible for Muslims to consume it even if it is regarded as a sort of seafood that does not need to be killed. Some argue that because the Qur’an and Hadith do not make reference to eating octopus, it is not halal.

Is octopus halal in Shia?

Octopus is not considered to be haram by Shia. But others argue that octopuses shouldn’t be consumed because of their numerous legs, which could cause one of them to come into contact with another leg’s bone and shatter it.

Is octopus halal in Sunni?

Yes, in Sunni Islam, eating octopus is generally considered halal (permissible). Sunni scholars, following schools of thought like the Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali, believe that all sea creatures, including octopus, are halal based on interpretations of the Quran and Hadith. This means that for most Sunni Muslims, consuming octopus is allowed.

Is octopus halal in Hanafi?

The Hanafi school of thought holds that eating octopus is forbidden for Muslims; nevertheless, they provide justifications for this stance.

They contend that other marine animals, such as mackerel, are haram and should not be consumed by Muslims, and that only fish with scales are acceptable forms of seafood.

The Hanafi also view animals like octopuses, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters as haram.

Is octopus halal Islamqa?

Islamqa claims that because the Qur’an and Hadith support octopus eating, it is halal.


In general, octopus is regarded as halal and safe to consume. Some regard them as halal, but others especially the Hanafi scholars might view them as unlawful or, at the very least, objectionable (makruh). The most crucial thing to remember is that if someone is certain about how the animal was killed, they should consume it since there is proof that eating octopus is halal.

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