Spicy spinach chicken macaroni – dish with all goodness of spinach, cottage cheese, mushroom and pasta well blended with indian spices

Spicy chicken Macaroni recipe

Wooo Hooo …. I am crazy about this veggies, chicken, mushroom and macaroni. I really don’t know what made me mad about this dish. But it came out very well and tasty that i wanted a full bowl of it. This is my dinner today. Kids are busy playing and i dint want to disturb their games. Meanwhile i Started writing this post keeping Spicy chicken Macaroni on dining table.

Piping hot bowl is pulling my attention while i write this post. Macaroni is soft and fleshy, Mushrooms are peppery and spicy and fleshy, Spinach got lost in the crowd (i should have added a bunch more), Cottage cheese got crunchy, spicy and crisp, Chicken sticks got more flavorful. All got integrated well that i couldnt separate any of them. All together it is wholesome and the spice flavor is very well infused and heeled.

Spicy Spinach Chicken Macaroni Recipe

Button mushrooms are the best suited for this recipe. Oyster mushroom will also taste good. A dash of Pepper Powder, Red Chilli Powder and Garam Masala gives a great flavorful spicy mushrooms. Spicy mushrooms goes well with Macaroni.

Chop spinach

Chop spinach roughly and that gives all the greens needed for the dish. I should have added one or two cups of shredded greens so that it looks more colorful. This is the first time added spinach to macaroni or any pasta recipe. Always i backed off from spinach in pasta as i had a strong heeled mind that spinach will never go well with pasta. This time i gave it a try and it worked well. I got that contrast color and the taste was good too.

deSiam Light Soy Seasoning Sauce, 200ml gives an intense taste and flavor for the macaroni and suppresses the awful taste of spinach. I don’t like the taste of spinach. That is why i combine spinach with my other favorite ingredients. Believe me Soy sauce does the magic

chopped breaded chicken

Small chopped Breaded chicken or Chicken nuggets are used here. To make them spicy, I have added spices like Red chilli powder and salt. They are cooked along with Cottage cheese to get tender and crisp

Carrots can be grated or minced and added. Both way it will taste good.

Spicy chicken Macaroni recipe overview:

Recipe type: BREAKFAST
Cuisine: ITALIAN
Prep time: 30 mins
Cook time: 30 mins
Total time: 1 hour


3 cups Macaroni
1 cup, Cottage cheese
1 cup Breaded chicken
1 cup Mushroom, thin sliced
1 tablespoon Rice bran oil
1 Onion, fine chopped
5 Garlic, Minced
1 Tomato, fine chopped
1 Carrot, Grated
2 cups Spinach
Blue Cheese as needed


  1. Parboil Macaroni in boiling water and drain in a colander and keep aside
  2. COTTAGE CHEESE, CHICKEN: Marinate cottage cheese and Chicken with Red chilli powder, oil and salt. Fry the marinated cottage cheese and Chicken on a flat skillet until it gets tender
  3. MUSHROOM: Marinate Mushroom in pepper powder, oil and salt. Fry the mushroom in a skillet until its cooked.
  4. VEGGIES: Heat oil in a pan. Add Onion, garlic, tomato and saute till tomatoes turn mushy and cooked. Add Spinach and saute till it reduces its size. Add Pasta, fried cottage cheese, breaded chicken, mushroom and combine well
  5. SERVING SUGGESTION: Serve in a large serving bowl. Top with loads of Blue cheese

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